Patch Notes 1.2
Hey players!

Patch Logs 05/10/2014:
- Added a new Madrigal
- Added a custom collecting animation
- Added a few new fashion items to the donate shop
- Fixed several bugs

Release date: 05.10.2014, 14:40

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Patch Notes 1.1
Hello players!

Patch Notes 24-08-2014:
- Buffpang added to the arena
- Escape (Motion) teleports to flaris
- New spawn points in the siege arena
- New interface for siege ranking after siege (Testing purpose)
- /Ress command added to unbug in siege
- Psykeeper Grasp damage increased
- Ringmaster Merk. damage increased
- Ranger damage decreased
- Blade HP on damage set decreased
- Prevention and Resurrection available for knuckle
- Prevention HP limit increased to 20%

Release date: 24.08.2014, 19:16

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Patch Notes 1.0
Hello players!

Donations and the (donate) item shop have been enabled again.
Old donations have been restored.

Patch Notes 14.08.2014:
- Arrows added to the NPC in siege
- Arcanist Sleeping cooldown 1 second
- Seraph Priest Grasp cooldown 2 seconds
- Fast Walker speed decreased to 25%
- Ranger damage decreased
- Knight speed increased
- New target texture
- New messages in siege for kills

Release date: 14.08.2014, 15:00

Server Online!
Hello players,

The server is now online.

Patch Notes 13.08.2014:
- Modelremove scroll added to the shop
- Fast Walker duration increased to 5min
- Counterattack is available for rangers too
- Crashes should be fixed (?)

~ The Exult Flyff Team

Release date: 08.07.2014, 00:22


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